Sunday, March 25, 2012

PA racing in full swing & Monster Energy heads to Toronto!

Finally the PAMX racing has started, today racing is taking place at Steel City Raceway in Delmont, PA. Sadly I am stuck at home working on projects and other things for college. Like most people, I am wishing it was summer so I could enjoy my motocross filled weekends. So those updates will come later after I see results and hear what went on.

In the Monster Energy Supercross series the racing went to Toronto this weekend, and the injury list keeps growing. We now have Reed, Dungey, and Stewart out. Reed will be out until the 2013 supercross season, he has filled in his spot with Ben Townley who will began racing when outdoors start. Dungey is out 4-6 weeks, lets hope he comes back strong so we can have some more battles between the Ryan's. Stewart was the latest in the top contenders to get hurt, he sustained a concussion and other minor injuries at Indianapolis and decided it was in his best interest to sit out this race. Will he return next weekend? We will just have to wait and find out, guess he spoke to soon about Chad Reed being a "couch potato" since he now joins him in that category, or wait was that picture on twitter suppose to mean that he isn't sitting on the couch? hmmmmm, makes you think that is for sure.

When he called into Toronto supercross did anyone else think it was unfair that CRtwotwo left the booth or was it in both of their best interests for him to leave?! - leave your thoughts because I'm really not sure, I would have liked to see what Reed said while he was on the phone..

"Ryan's win is his seventh of the season and elevates him to more than 100 points ahead of Davi Millsaps, who sits in fourth behind the injured Ryan Dungey and James Stewart." from 
Villipoto definitely seems to have this championship wrapped up, there are still races left though so I'm excited to see what else happens this season. Even though it is well through the season for the Supercross class, the lites class on the west coast still has a tight battle going on with Wilson and Tomac. It's going to be great racing when we get to see these boys again!

Back to the East Coast though, Barcia is back on top of the podium after his third place in Indianapolis. Barcia looked like his smooth and aggressive self again last night to take the win in Canada. Roczen though also ended up with an impressive second place after battling with the flu and Justin Barcia. As for Barcia's teammate, Bogle, he had a rough start to his night by crashing in the heat race and having to go to the LCQ, which he won, then having more issues in the main he still ended up finishing in 8th place. Durham has looked very impressive this whole season on his new Pro Circuit Kawasaki bike, he dominated his heat race and had an impressive ride in the main, it was not better than Indy but still impressive for the Bulter, PA native!

This season could not be more unpredictable could it?! What else do you think is going to happen before the gate drops at Las Vegas Supercross in May? We are coming down to the last 5 races and anything can happen!? Will K-Dub get a win? he finally made the podium this weekend even after his big crash in Indy.

One thing is for sure is that it has been quiet an unbelievable season 
for the riders, teams, sponsors and fans. 

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