Friday, March 9, 2012

Daytona SX: preview & thoughts.

Well as we all know, Daytona SX is almost here!

The biggest news that came today, Dungey is OUT!? Yes that is right, Dungey, who sits second in points, is not racing this weekend due to his collarbone. Originally it was thought to be cracked, but after another doctors visit it turns out it was broken.. Dungey underwent surgery to have a plate placed and will now try and make a speedy recover!

So what does this mean for Villipoto? Does he have the championship all sealed up... I doubt it, Dungey will make a speedy recovery but him not racing will definitely put a damper on the points. But you cannot rule Villipoto the champion yet, anything is possible. Its not like we've heard that all season long, but it is true. So many things have changed within each round of this Supercross championship, its hard who to say will win Daytona.

The weather is another huge factor in this race, it doesn't seem to be cooperating for the race tomorrow night. The rain has been falling and word is that press day was cut short due to it. Daytona always has an outdoor feel to it, so who do you think will win? Personally if it is still rainy and muddy I am going with K-Dub! He's been fast and known to win the mudders (since Reed is out, he'd be my #1 choice).  Lets hope the weather clears up for race time tomorrow and the track is decent for the riders, a mud race is fun to watch but come on, we all like to see the riders going fast and jumping everything. It makes it more intense racing to me.

I'm really trying to get this blog going and have followers to read and give me feedback on what I have wrote on here. Leave what you want, I hope none of it is nasty. I have my own opinions about some things in motocross, everyone does. So lets at least keep it clean. THANKS!

Definitely a bigger post coming after Daytona! :)

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