Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's good to be back - Steel City

I'm so glad the PAMX series has started and that this weekends race was close enough for me to go to and still get home at a decent hour! So glad motocross season in PA is back underway, I have missed going to the races all winter!

Even without a Supercross race this weekend, mine has been filled with motocross! the PAMX racers took to Steel City this Easter weekend (the race was held Saturday instead of Sunday) which was alright with me considering my Saturday was free. I was up and about at 6 a.m. to catch a ride with my neighbor, Noah who races in 250 B. The sun was shining but the wind was blowing (and it was cold) but everyone didn't seem to mind when the racing began. 250 A and Open A had some great battles with Chad Sanner's boys, Nicoletti and Slusser, as well as McDade, Roman, Newcome and Ritter getting into the mix.

Slusser (558) got the holeshot and tried to keep Nicoletti (715) and McDade (/200) behind him as long as he could!

Roman (731) got bumped around in the first corner but came back to pass everyone including Newcome (467) and finish fourth in 250 A's first moto.

There was intense racing in every class today, 250 B had a wopping 31 racers sign up! and 250 C had to have two divisions and an LCQ to determine what riders would race in the motos. 

250 B's leader was Joey Deneen (22) 
My Neighbor Noah Vislosky held on to 14th - 15th finishes to get a 13th overall.
This is an accomplishment to me! The kid has only raced 3 races in the past year after breaking his back at High Point on mothers day last year. He's practically my little brother and so I have to give him props for even getting back on the back after last year <3 

Well next week PAMX is heading to Pittsburgh Raceway Park! Should make for some more interesting battles, hopefully the weather is sunny again for some great pictures :)

And we can't forget that SX is back next week! Don't miss the New Orleans Supercross race to see if the Champ Villipoto can get another win or if someone else will get to shine (since he has already won the 2012 SX championship).

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