Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seattle SX: Dungey back, Lites title craze, hard-working Veteran racers

This year has by far produced the craziest SX season in a long time. I cannot remember the last time we had to many highs and lows in one season.

This weekend in Seattle was no different, in fact the craziness started on the first lap of the main event! Everything looked good for Villipoto, considering it was his hometown race, but things suddenly took a turn for the worse on the first lap he tried making a pas on Millsaps and ended up going over the bars and favoring his left knee along with getting a handlebar to the gut. While it was a bad ending for Villipoto, Andrew Short and Ken Roczen were pulling away out front. Dungey seemed to be off the pace and had a couple mishaps during the main. When the checkered flag flew, Andrew Short came away with the win! Roczen, who is racing the KTM 350, came in second with Weimer finishing out the podium. Dungey would come back after a crash to finish sixth. Since the Championship is already claimed by Villipoto there is no reason for this races to cause him a scare.

However, in the West Coast lites championship, Tomac and Wilson came into Seattle separated by ONE point! yes only one point, since the last west coast race took out Tomac and let Wilson win which ultimately led him to lead the series by ONE point. Coming into the race Tomac was ready to win and Wilson was ready to try and keep the red plate. When the main event gate dropped it was the lites class veteran, Ryan Sipes, who got out to the front and left Tomac and Wilson battling for second place. Bars were banging and I believe you could say there were some "aggressive" passes by both riders. Wilson would push Tomac off the track and Tomac would come back and ultimately came in for a pass which ended up with them bumping and Wilson going down. Tomac then had his hands full with KTM's Marvin Musquin, who would in the end pass him for second leaving Tomac to finish out the podium in third. Wilson would regain himself to finish seventh in the main, but losing valuable points in the championship to Tomac. Now Eli Tomac leads Dean Wilson by 4 points as they come into Salt Lake City, Utah next weekend.

Whose ready for two more crazy supercross races?! I know I am. I can't wait to see the West Coast championship wind down, and sorry to say but I'd love for Eli Tomac to win it! (I'm a geico honda fan for sure)

Then its off to Hangtown in May for the start of outdoors! Picks for outdoors? do you think RV2 will runaway with this championship too or will Dungey or someone else give him a run for it?

Let me know what you all are thinking!

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