Monday, February 20, 2012

Reed out for remainder of Supercross

As many already know, Chad Reed is officially out of the remaining supercross schedule. He tweeted earlier today that he has 2 broken ribs, broken t6 vertebrate, torn acl, and a fractured tib/fib. Doctors are awaiting the swelling to go down before they do surgery on his knee to fix his torn acl. Many friends and fellow racers have shown their support on twitter and other web pages, right now is when Chad, Ellie, Tate and the whole twotwo motorsports team needs everyone's prayers and kind words. Another blog post coming soon about the rest of the week. Just wanted to update everyone on Reed's injuries. I have been a Reed fan since he has came to America and will always be a Reed fan. Seeing him grow throughout the years in America and winning championships has been amazing, and I believe he still has more years of racing in him. Injuries are just part of the sport, he will bounce back and recover to come back for the nationals and tear it up outdoors!

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Check out the whole press release: Chad Reed PR on Racer X

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