Friday, February 17, 2012

MX Weekly: Dallas, TX

As all fans of motocross and supercross know, this weekend the race is heading to Dallas, TX. What does this mean? This means we get a first look at the east coast lites riders! Barcia, the east coast defending champion, along with Baggett, Durham, Bogle, Decotis, Roczen, and Malcolm Stewart just to name a few. To say the least this east coast is stacked with potential champions. This east lites championship is not going to be easy, any one of these riders has the potential to win races, and contend for the championship. Key factors for this east coast? Stay consistent! winning races does not ultimately mean you are going to win the championship, you cannot win races some weekends and fall off the radar other weekends. Staying within the top 3 or even 5 is a safe bet that you will be in championship contention by the second half of races. One thing we know is that the 450 class is already stacked, with the first four races having different winners. Villopoto looks to be on fire as they head into Dallas, TX, but will Reed have something in store for him this weekend? (I sure hope so) Lets face it though this season you just never know who is going to come out and win! Another thing is that we cannot go by practice times, some riders have horrible practices and then come out in the heat races and main events and blow us away. This 450 championship is a long way from being over, this is by far the best season I have seen in many years. Each rider is, or was healthy at the beginning of the season, and we have seen each top contender win a race in the four opening rounds. Everyone can make their bets and vote for their favorite rider to win, but in the end we really have no clue who is going to win that race until the main event gate drops and those bikes race until the checkered flag waves. One thing we do know is that our top four contenders Reed, Villopoto, Dungey, and Stewart will put on a spectacular race for us to watch in Dallas or LIVE on SPEED Saturday night.

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