Monday, June 3, 2013


Since graduating from college in December, I have been neglecting my blogs and websites that are suppose to update everyone on motocross and supercross. I apologize and I am going to make an effort to improve this blog.

As you all know Motocross 2013 has started. Round 4 is coming up, and it is in my home state of Pennsylvania. High Point MX is coming up this Saturday, and unfortunately I have to work :( it saddens me that I won't be able to attend. Especially this year since there is no Steel City, but no worries I will have the television on so while at work I can manage to watch the races live thanks to NBC sports and Fuel TV.

So far the the first 3 rounds have been dominated by the Ryan's, mostly RV2, but last weekend at the new Muddy Creek National in Tennessee RD1 managed to pull of a 3-1 for the overall win, while RV2 who had a crash on the first lap, managed a 1-4 for 3rd overall. Others that have been in the mix-up are Justin Barcia, James Stewart, Mike Alessi and Trey Canard. While they haven't all been able to challenge the Ryan's, Barcia has came the closest. Barcia has been consistently in the top 5, and last weekend finished 2nd overall in front of RV2.

It's crazy to think of Bam-Bam up in the 450 class racing against some of his idols, and banging bars with the the veteran guys of the class. I remember him coming up through the amateurs and getting his ride with Geico Honda.

Then on to my favorite ride, "Speedy Reedy," where the heck has he been?! I'm not to sure what's going on with him, but Reed needs to pick it up that is for sure.

The 250's are definitely entertaining to watch as well. This class is definitely stacked for 2013 with people like Tomac, Roczen, Musquin, Baggett and Osborne even getting into the mix in the first and second rounds of the outdoors. Roczen and Tomac seem to be battling it out every weekend for podium spots or the win. Baggett seemed strong the first round but has faded off a bit, is his wrist causing him to have problems? If I remember correctly, Barcia won his lites championship while suffering  from a broken wrist... (my opinion totally) something else could be going on, and I do know its not easy to ride while suffering from an injury. I'm just speculating some of the riders and why they say they are not always 100% to race.

Well that's all for now.. meanwhile here are some pictures from High Point over the years I have been there.

what happened to Pourcel? 

Dungey in the lites class.

As you all can tell, I'm a bit of a Reed fan.. Always have been and always will be <3

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