Sunday, July 15, 2012

Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

While most were watching Dungey dominate outdoors Saturday afternoon, I spent mine walking through the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum and let me tell you that it did nottttt disappoint me at all! In fact I enjoyed myself the whole way through the place. I thought before going that I was only going to enjoy the motocross and supercross sections, but I ended up finding all of the exhibits interesting! It is seriously a great place if you love any kind of motorcycles. My family and I spent probably 3 hours walking around (and it really isn't that big) but we were so intrigued by all the bikes, facts and memorabilia that we couldn't pass anything up without reading what it was. Not to mention we also spent another hour in the gift shop section. The man working at the front counter was also so nice and willing to help. I have nothing bad to say about any of this trip except don't stay at a hotel by the Columbus Airport. It was cool seeing the airplanes land and take off but there is seriously NOTHING to do around there and you have to drive on the highway the whole time, so going out and driving back was not an option therefore we spent most of our evening on the patio or at the lounge enjoying our weekend get-away. Ok, back to more about the motorcycle hall of fame... I think they could update the motorcross/supercross section, but that's just what I think because they could add a lot more people. I was thinking Carmichael, Stewart, and Reed would have some little part since they have done things in the MX/SX industry that I think could/should get recognized. They have McGrath, which I was in love with, but I thought it would be a little different. However, I am not complaining just stating a thought I had. I loved every single section we walked through, there is an upstairs and a downstairs to the building and a patio out the back incase you want to enjoy yourself half way through the museum. Although it was rainy and gloomy when we went (glad we picked an indoor activity) we made the best out of it. OH! and downstairs they have a little questionnaire and if you fill it out and take it back upstairs with you to the front desk, you receive a free sticker (normally costs like $3) I was happy with that and the guy even sold us key chains that had not been marked or put up for sale yet :) 

Here are some pictures I took in the Motorcross/Supercross section :)


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