Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bring on the Nationals

Supercross is now over after an exciting Vegas finale this past weekend. Now with only 11 days remaining, the motocross nationals are set to being May 19 at Hangtown in California. It is going to be an exciting outdoor season for the fans and riders, except for those still hurt like Reed, Villopoto and Canard. With that being said it looks like Millsaps, Short, Brayton and Weimer may have a chance to battle up front and make it on to the podium. Although big news has been surfacing this past week as James Stewart heads to Yoshimira Suzuki and Tyla Rattray fills-in for Villopoto, so it looks like Dungey is going to have some competition this summer and hopefully there are some great battles during the races!

This week, with it being the riders only week off for about another month, is full of testing and preparing not only themselves but the team and their bikes setup for outdoors. Supercross and Motocross are different and yet alike in someways, but as for their setup the bikes suspension for outdoors needs to be adjusted a lot more because of the different terrain that the riders deal with each week. The riders that come out to Hangtown and show top results are usually the teams that have put in the time and have been able to test a lot longer than the other riders. Usually during the last couple weeks of supercross the riders begin testing their outdoor settings and dialing in with their bike, unless they happen to be in a battle for the championship then that leaves little time for the team to test outdoors because they want them to be completely focused on the championship and winning it. However, this year no team should have an excuse for late testing (unless your Stewart who just switched teams, again) because Villopoto had the championship clenched 4 rounds early, Barcia had won the east coast championship early, and well Tomac might have a little excuse but he did win the championship 2 weeks early. What it may be though, racing is racing and the riders know what they have to do to be prepared for outdoors!

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